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Election Integrity

Bringing Transparency Back to Schools

What are kids in your neighborhood being taught? You should know: after all, you’re paying for it. What are their teachers telling them about George Washington? ARE they telling them about George Washington?

We feel that the education process could use a little transparency. The schoolhouse doors are not shut to parents. It’s time administrators recognized that.


If you agree, please join us in opening the doors to our public schools — and opening their books. The Open Book Project is a volunteer effort, funded and coordinated by LRI, to find out just what goes on in the classroom.

We’re organizing interested citizens to review the curricula used in K-12 public schools across the country, publishing our results, and putting them out in the open, where anyone can see them.

The first step: volunteers. Lots of them. We’ll need an army to hold every public school accountable — starting with yours. Sign up below and begin restoring accountability today. There’s something to do, no matter what your skillset. Future generations will thank you.

Register to volunteer and learn more below!

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