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The Hobbs Trial - California's Last Stand for Election Integrity

Read our case briefs below.

Laura Hobbs, candidate and second-runner up for Shasta County Supervisor, District 2, has filed a challenge to the primary election that declared Allen Long the winner, without a run-off, by a margin of 14 votes. Due to the many irregularities and instances of misconduct at multiple levels of the administration of the election, Laura is asking the Shasta County Superior Court to right this wrong by properly allowing her on the ballot as a contender in the November general election.


Election challenges can be incredibly difficult to win, as judges have a strong preference for letting what the Registrar of Voters (ROV) declared stand. However, we have clear evidence of willful negligence from the ROV, who did not even alphabetize the candidates’ names correctly. This error alone typically costs candidates around 3% of votes cast, significantly more than the 0.13% margin at stake here.


As elections challenges go, this is an incredibly important one. Shasta’s Board has been the strongest in the state in pushing for election integrity, and its opponents, including such well-funded extremist organizations as the Southern Poverty Law Center, have tried everything from passing bills to recalling its members to stop them. Laura’s seat is the swing vote, and she’s demonstrated a commitment to secure elections. If we lose this battle, election integrity in California may be over forever.

Laura's challenge has made it through the first round of trial - but the next is yet to come. On this Tuesday, June 25th, she and LRI will be back in court, continuing the fight for free and fair elections - which can only occur when the ROV is held accountable for its errors.


If we are able to win, the precedent set by this case would go leagues towards improving election integrity throughout all of California.


But we cannot win without your help - and we couldn't have gotten this far without you and the incredible outpouring of support from across our community. From Laura and from all of us here at LRI - it means the world to have you standing with us in this fight.


A generous matching grant was already offered - and exceeded. Up until the hearing next Tuesday, June 25th, every dollar donated to LRI will go directly to support Laura Hobb’s election contest.


Join us in this critical fight for election integrity.

If you'd like a further breakdown of what's been going on in this case, check out Rachel Alexander's fantastic article on the Hobbs trial for the Arizona Sun.

For all who are interested, we encourage you to read our case briefs, attached below.

Amended Statement of Contest
Download PDF • 11.94MB

Contestant's Trial Brief
Download PDF • 727KB

Opposition to Motion for Judgement
Download • 263KB

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