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Eastman Lands Blow Against January 6th Committee; Sets Record Straight on 2020 Election

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

In its latest attack on the rule of law, the House January 6th Committee aims its sights on Dr. John Eastman, the attorney who represented President Donald Trump in his election challenges before the U.S. Supreme Court. Dr. Eastman’s case is proving to be THE central matter in the whole affair, but with this attack comes a unique opportunity to uncover the truth. . .

Dr. Eastman’s current case, filed in the Central District of California, is ostensibly a dispute over the production of subpoenaed documents and records. Nevertheless, Congress has seized this opportunity to push its narrative about the 2020 election, supported only by legacy-media talking points and cherry-picked sections from its own SEALED deposition transcripts. The Committee has denied all requests by Dr. Eastman's legal team to access these transcripts. Perhaps shockingly, the court has allowed Congress to take this path.

Misrepresentations by the press are one thing; misrepresentations to a court of the law are quite another. If Congress wishes to make this court a tribunal to decide what really happened in the 2020 election, so be it. The Lex Rex Institute will gladly accommodate them in their search for the truth.

This very evening, Dr. Eastman, with the help of LRI’s attorneys, submitted a brief to Congress containing the evidence of widespread election fraud and irregularities. The very evidence that pundits, for months, have claimed does not exist. With dozens of courts refusing to hear evidence about the 2020 election, patriots, defenders of the Constitution, and those who believe in the truth above all else, should not overlook this opportunity Congress inadvertently gave us.

Unlike Congress' evidence, ours is not sealed behind closed doors. We welcome inspection by everyone. Because of today’s filing, Congress must, for the first time, address direct evidence of widespread electoral irregularities and fraud in open court.

What happens next remains to be seen, but you can help by contributing to Dr. Eastman’s defense at or supporting LRI's mission at

Opponents of our Republic have not been shy about their intentions: the recently launched "65 Project" aims to “hold accountable” (i.e. take out of commission) every lawyer who fought for a fair election in 2020. We will not be intimidated. LRI will continue to fight for Dr. John Eastman and for free and fair elections.

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