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Reclaiming Integrity: The Lex Rex Institute's Hand-Counting Guide for Shasta County, California

For anyone who is not familiar with Shasta County, California, their Board of Supervisors recently took a historic stand and voted to reject the Dominion voting systems and switch back to manual counting.

The only problem? There was no longer any manual for conducting a hand count of ballots that complied with the current California Elections Code. Shasta’s historic stand would not last without a method to actually follow through and successfully hand-count votes.

So, LRI wrote them one.

You can read it here.

(The cover letter we sent with it is here.)

There is no reason for ballot counting to be done in back rooms, by giant machines, while election officials reassure their citizens to “trust them.” And there is no reason that standing up for election integrity has to be limited to Shasta County.

As we release this voting system, we invite election officers, citizens, and enthusiasts to review, adopt, and adapt the practices we've detailed. The goal is not to impose a one-size-fits-all solution but to provide a foundation that can be tailored to the unique needs and nuances of each community.

If you would like to encourage your county to follow in Shasta’s footsteps and take back control of its own elections, take a look at our guide here: A Primer on Switching to Paper Balloting & Manual Counting in Your County.

If you would like the Lex Rex Institute to come speak in your county, please fill out our form here or drop us a line at

AHH.2.SHASTA.BOS.09-20-2023(Cover Letter)
Download PDF • 253KB

Download PDF • 700KB

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