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LRI's Landmark Legal Brief in Support of Voter Rights Could Change the Outcome of Arizona's Election

Updated: May 4, 2023

The Lex Rex Institute, in collaboration with attorney Ryan Heath, of Heath Law PLLC, recently filed a groundbreaking amicus curiae brief in support of Kari Lake’s petition for review by the Arizona Supreme Court, in the case of Lake v. Hobbs. You can read our brief here. The brief was filed on behalf of David Mast, an independent voter in Arizona. The case concerns the 2022 Arizona election for governor, in which Ms. Lake was the Republican candidate. Our brief asks the Arizona Supreme Court to hear the case and overturn the lower court's decision, which ignored binding precedent and violated the constitutional rights of Arizona voters. The stakes of this case could not be higher. If the Court rules in favor of Lake and Mast, the results of the election for governor of Arizona will be set aside, and a new election will have to be held. This could have significant implications for the balance of power in Arizona and beyond. The Lex Rex Institute's brief is particularly important because it draws on the precedent of Reyes v. Cuming, which held that the violation of A.R.S. §16-550(A) constitutes misconduct and requires the invalidation of affected votes as a matter of law. This case is a critical test of the fundamental constitutional rights of every American citizen to participate in elections on an equal basis and to have their votes counted in a fair and transparent manner. The Lex Rex Institute's brief provides a powerful legal argument in support of these rights and highlights the importance of enforcing the laws that protect them. The collaboration between the Lex Rex Institute and Heath Law PLLC demonstrates the strength and commitment of the legal community to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that every American citizen's vote is counted. This case is just one example of the critical work being done by organizations like these to protect our republic and safeguard our fundamental rights. We urge our supporters to follow this case closely and to support the efforts of the Lex Rex Institute in their fight to protect the integrity of our elections and ensure that every American's voice is heard. Click here to read the full brief.

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