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LRI Podcast - Season 2, Episode 1: The Biggest Legal Developments of 2022

Updated: May 10, 2023

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Welcome to the Season 2 of the Lex Rex Institute Podcast! We're now a video podcast (at least until enough of you complain about having to look at our faces that we switch back to audio-only), and we've got a new upload schedule that we'll tell you all about. In this episode, we bring you the top six (because David wanted a top five and Alexander wanted a top... more than five) developments in the world of American law from 2022. We'd also like to thank everyone for your generosity in our end-of-year matching fundraiser drive, with supporters of LRI contributing more than $20,000! It's thanks to your support that we can continue our efforts to defend the rights of the American public and, more importantly, equip them to defend their rights themselves.

  • Crackdowns on COVID-19 "emergency measures" - 0:05:30

  • Election law in the spotlight - 0:11:00

  • Conflicts between state and federal policy - 0:21:40

  • The end of Roe v. Wade - 0:33:50

  • New limits on federal bureaucracies - 0:43:45

  • The death of the Lemon test in 1st Amendment jurisprudence(?) - 0:58:50

  • Honorable mentions - 1:05:30

  • Captain Kangaroo Court - 1:07:15

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