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YouTube Reverses Decision Against Lex Rex Video

In a tacit admission of fault, YouTube has restored one of Lex Rex’s videos previously removed for allegedly violating policy on “misinformation” pertaining to the 2020 presidential election.

As we reported earlier this month, YouTube removed two videos posted by the Lex Rex Institute, allegedly because they spread “misinformation” about the 2020 presidential election. We immediately denied, then as now, that our videos did any such thing: YouTube’s notice to Lex Rex claimed that our videos suggested that “widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome” of the election, but the content in the videos very pointedly says no such thing. Rather, they feature our founder, Attorney Alexander Haberbush, discussing specific instances of irregularities he observed while serving as a poll watcher as part of a broader discussion of election law and integrity.

The first video, entitled “How You Can Preserve Election Integrity,” has been reinstated by YouTube, an action which we believe fully vindicates our position on this issue from the start. Far from alleging that these irregularities changed the outcome of the election, or that they constitute an attempt to subvert the process, Mr. Haberbush explicitly stated that he did not believe they were deliberate in nature and that their effects on the election are literally impossible to project, since no court opted to hear a case on the matter and, consequently, no investigations occurred. At no point in the video did Mr. Haberbush violate YouTube’s “misinformation policy,” and, indeed, he flatly ruled out the notion that anyone could state with certainty that the election’s outcome had been decided by fraud or irregularity.

After the videos were removed, Lex Rex appealed the decisions, asking YouTube to reverse its strike against them. YouTube’s action in restoring the first of the videos is, we believe, a tacit admission that they acted overzealously and overhastily in removing them in the first place. However, as long as the second video continues to be blocked, the Institute has no choice but to consider legal action in order to redress the unwarranted move on YouTube’s part.

You can see the reinstated video here, and we invite you to continue checking our site and social media accounts for updates as this matter progresses. We hope that YouTube will soon do the right thing and make the second video accessible again, as well.

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