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LRI Pod. - Ep. 26: Empl. Div. v. Smith, Roman Voting Procedure, & Faking Death to Avoid a Hearing

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In this episode, we bring you another installment of our Supreme Court Hall of Shame series, this time dealing with 1990’s Employment Division v. Smith – in which the Court’s desire to prevent people from using drugs creates some very real problems for the First Amendment.

After that, we bring you the very first part of our (probably) short series on the Roman Republic, “The Fall of Rome” (get it?... because it’s Fall!). We start things off with a look at the way the Romans handled voting, which just goes to show you that wrangling over voting districts and procedure is a very old problem, indeed.

Finally, because we went a bit over time, we take the quickest of trips to Captain Kangaroo Court, where we’ll learn about this one weird trick for handling a bar investigation. (Spoiler: it doesn’t work all that well.)

  • Supreme Court Hall of Shame – Employment Division v. Smith (1:00)

  • Fall of Rome – Roman Voting (27:15)

  • Captain Kangaroo Court (1:01:45)

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