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LRI Podcast - Ep. 18: The French Directory, the Rise of Napoleon, and a Guide to Evicting the Undead

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

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In this episode, we wrap up the story of the French Revolution by examining the Constitution of the Year III (which is 1795 for those of you who do not follow the Revolutionary Calendar), the collapse of the French Directory, and the rise of a certain short fellow with a world class ego from the Isle of Corsica. We discuss how the French tried to fix the problems that led to the Reign of Terror, why new problems led to the masses clamoring for one-man rule, and how Napoleon packed France to the gills with stolen art.

Then, in Captain Kangaroo Court, we consider whether certain (pretty racist) memes qualify as “public comment on immigration” and learn how 12th century Icelandic warriors dealt with undead squatters (answer: initiate court proceedings to evict them).

  • The Constitution of the Year III (2:25)

  • Napoleon’s coup (35:00)

  • Captain Kangaroo Court (52:00)

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