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LRI Podcast - Ep. 5: Do Not Drink the Flavor Aid (May 31, 2022)

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In this episode, we revisit the saga of the Louisiana Lawyer Dog, update you on the January 6th Congressional Committee, discuss the 11th Circuit Court's ruling on Florida's new social media law, talk about interpretive methods for law, and dig deeper into the origins of (and alternatives to) the American regulatory system. All this, plus a fun(?) fact about the Jonestown Massacre, one man's valiant but misguided attempt to discover the secret to infinite free beer, and an explanation of why the movie Double Jeopardy comes up short in its jurisprudence. Sorry, this is a long one - it kinda got away from us. See below for a handy timestamp reference in case you want to skip around:

  • Lawyer Dog (0:00:56)

  • January 6 (0:11:45)

  • Florida Social Media Law (0:17:13)

  • Originalism and Interpretive Methods (0:50:33)

  • Regulatory state (1:07:57)

  • Legal Hot Takes (1:42:07)

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