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LRI Podcast - Episode 12: Chevron Doctrine, Miranda Rights, and Failing Third Grade

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

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In this episode, we return to the Supreme Court Hall of Shame to talk about Griswold v. Connecticut and explain why bad laws aren’t automatically unconstitutional. We also discuss why American Hospital Association v. Becerra is a solid example of the Court’s restraint and review Vega v. Tekoh’s impact on Miranda rights (spoiler alert: it didn’t have any, but it might still be a disappointing decision).

All this, plus a tour of some of the most blistering hot takes from the world of online legal commentary, including why there aren’t special “protected” parts of the Constitution, why it’s not true that “anything is legal if there’s a contract for it,” and the sad case of a Twitter user who should really have paid more attention in elementary school.

  • Supreme Court Hall of Shame – Griswold v. Connecticut (0:06:00)

  • American Hospital Association v. Becerra (0:35:20)

  • Vega v. Tekoh (0:59:15)

  • Hot takes (1:16:15)

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