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LRI Podcast - Episode 22: Gonzales v. Raich, War Crime Jurisdiction, and Being Excessively French

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In this episode, we return to the Supreme Court Hall of Shame to discuss Gonzales v. Raich, in which the court decided that an activity that: 1) takes place entirely in a single state, 2) involves no commerce, and 3) can’t even legally be done across state lines nevertheless counts as “interstate commerce.” We’ll also discuss the proposed “Justice for Victims of War Crimes Act” and explain why, although probably very well-intentioned, it makes a real mess of American law.

We’ll then wrap things up with Captain Kangaroo Court, covering the time the city of Riga put a statue on trial for witchcraft and a pair of Ivy League law professors whose position on law seems to be “do whatever you feel.” All this, plus a brief story about an implausibly French man David saw on the streets of Edinburgh!

  • LRI’s legal challenge against vaccination restrictions at polling centers (0:03:45)

  • Supreme Court Hall of Shame: Gonzales v. Raich (0:06:55)

  • The “Justice for Victims of War Crimes” bill (0:32:05)

  • Captain Kangaroo Court (0:46:00)

Our episode on Wickard v. Filburn can be found here:

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