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LRI Podcast - Episode 23: Common Carrier Doctrine, Supreme Court Terms, and Embezzling to Buy Pokemo

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In this episode, we review the 5th Circuit's decision on the Texas House Bill 20, which imposes restrictions on social media companies, and discuss why plans to set term lengths (and not "term limits" - we are nothing if not pedantic) for Supreme Court justices is a very counterproductive idea. After that, we return yet again to Captain Kangaroo Court to discuss the purchasing habits of attorneys who embezzle funds. It may surprise you to learn that they do not always make the most sensible of financial decisions.

All this, plus how to instantly prove your superior knowledge to anyone who says people in the olden days didn't live as long!

  • Texas social media law (4:05)

  • Plans to impose terms on the Supreme Court (27:50)

  • Captain Kangaroo Court (38:10)

Link to the episode in which we discuss Florida’s social media law:

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