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LRI Podcast - Episode 24: Maddow on Moore v. Harper, Student Debt, and the Legend of Florida Man

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In this episode, we bow to the wishes of you, the listener, and introduce a new segment on etymology, in this first edition covering the word “contract,” as well as a surprise word chosen by Alexander. (We will be hosting another poll to see if the audience has come to regret this decision already.)

After that, we take a tip from one of our listeners and weigh in on Rachel Maddow’s reporting on Moore v. Harper, which we previously covered. We’ll discuss why we think she got a few key details very wrong and explain why normalcy bias can make some people miss basic aspects of the Constitution.

Next up, we examine one man’s lawsuit seeking to block the Biden administration’s proposed plan to cancel substantial amounts of student loan debt. We’ll discuss some legal issues with the plan before looking at the Department of Education’s strategy in responding to the suit and, finally, asking whether there might not be a better solution to the student debt crisis.

Then we return once again to wrap things up in Captain Kangaroo Court, where we’ll introduce you to the legendary Florida Man.

  • Etymology time (0:02:30)

  • Rachel Maddow on Moore v. Harper (0:10:30)

  • Biden’s student debt plan (0:29:00)

  • Captain Kangaroo Court (0:48:45)

Ask an Attorney – “Can Biden forgive student loan debt?” (

Our prior episode on Moore v. Harper (

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