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LRI Podcast - Episode 25: Dormant Commerce Clause and Whether Trees Can Sue

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In this episode, we bring you a brief update on some of Lex Rex’s real-world legal work and discuss one of the cases before the Supreme Court in the new October term, National Pork Producers Council v. Ross. We’ll talk you through what’s meant by the “dormant commerce clause” and consider the implications of allowing one state to dictate policies to the rest.

After that, we have an extra-special, extra-long edition of Captain Kangaroo Court for you! Alexander relates his experiences defending a client before an actual kangaroo court before we consider the age-old question: what legal rights do trees have? (There’s a stealth edition of the Supreme Court Hall of Shame in there, as well, although in this case we’re looking at a dissenting opinion.)

  • National Pork Producers Council v. Ross (3:50)

  • Captain Kangaroo Court (26:45)

  • Not-so-secret Supreme Court Hall of Shame: dissent in Sierra Club v. Morton (40:30)

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