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LRI Podcast - Episode 27: What’s a Barrister and Why Aren’t Judges Hiring Clerks from Yale?

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In this episode… well, we tell you right off the bat: this one probably isn’t our best, but at least it's short! Alexander’s actual legal work got in the way of prepping for the podcast, so we had to make this a quick one. We return to “Allegator Alley,” our etymology segment, to talk about the difference between “barristers” and “solicitors.” Next, we discuss why some federal judges are refusing to hire clerks from Yale, and finally bring you back to Captain Kangaroo Court where, among other things, we consider one Kentucky judge’s habit of roaming the courthouse in his unmentionables.

  • Allegator Alley (etymology time!) (2:45)

  • Judges won’t hire Yale clerks (11:50)

  • Captain Kangaroo Court (19:00)

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