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LRI Podcast - Episode 28: DHS Social Media Interference, Bittner v. US, & Court Reporting from Jail

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In this episode, we discuss the newly-revealed documents that show that the Department of Homeland Security collaborated with social media companies to suppress misinformation, disinformation, and “malinformation” – we’ll discuss why that’s concerning, and what exactly “malinformation” even means.

After that, we examine Bittner v. United States, in which how you think about interpreting legal language makes the difference between $50,000 and $2.7 million (at least, for one man in particular). Then we’ll talk about the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear a case brought by a group of American Samoans seeking automatic citizenship rights for people born in the territory – and why their own government thinks otherwise.

Finally, we return once again to Captain Kangaroo Court, where you can hear about a court reporter sentenced to the opposite of work-release, and a Maine attorney with a… creative… solution for dealing with required professional development.

  • DHS social media program (4:00)

  • Bittner v. United States (15:20)

  • American Samoa citizenship issue (34:45)

  • Captain Kangaroo Court (50:15)

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