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Pali Institute's Appeal Dismissed: Too Busy Ignoring Basic Decency to Pay a $50 Fee?

In an ever-evolving legal saga filled with eyebrow-raising events, Pali Institute—a science camp known for “experiential” education—has now given us yet another twist. For those just catching up: LRI has taken Pali to court for housing 10 and 11-year-old girls with individuals who refused to disclose their biological sex, without even the courtesy of notifying the children’s parents. What’s Pali’s defense? Brace yourself—it's apparently a matter of free speech for their counselors. You read that right. They made the audacious claim that traumatizing young girls falls under the banner of expressive rights.

The court, perhaps unsurprisingly to anyone with an ounce of common sense, didn’t buy this. They responded with a fitting analogy, stating that the situation would be no different if Pali’s counselors “had discussed other topics to which Plaintiff and their parents and/or guardians objected, such as racist or sexist ideology.”

Not to be deterred, in an act of what some might call sheer hubris, Pali decided to appeal. But here's where the story transitions from tragedy to comedy: their appeal has now been dismissed. Not for some grand legal reason, but because they failed to pay a $50 fee.

Was it an innocent oversight? A simple blunder? Well, when you consider their track record, Pali seems to be making a habit of overlooking rather crucial details, from the sex of their own counselors to a failure to file the court’s formatting rules and timely provide required case information.

It’s almost poetic—just as Pali can’t be expected to understand basic social norms or standards of decency, it appears they also can’t quite grasp actual legal procedures. Despite their multiple run-ins with the court system, they've managed to bypass the straightforward requirement of reading the Notice Designating Clerk’s Transcript, which explicitly warns three times about the consequences of not paying the fee.

In a desperate bid to save face, Pali is now begging the court to reconsider the dismissal, attributing their negligence to "excusable neglect."

LRI doesn’t buy it. For those wishing to navigate the intricacies of this fascinating blend of negligence and audacity, LRI’s scathing opposition can be found here. The ongoing saga serves as a stark reminder that being cognizant of both social responsibilities and legal requirements isn't just an option—it's a necessity. Especially when the well-being of young children is at stake.

Appeals are notorious for being expensive and drawn out, often designed to intimidate the opposing party by racking up legal bills. We at LRI are dedicated to ensuring justice is served and are covering the expenses of this litigation. But let's be clear: battling such frivolous tactics takes resources. We can only do that with continued support from people who believe in our mission. Join us in the fight and become a member today.

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